What’s good?

Yer boy Fat Phuck here trying to spit some food game at all y’all asses. Since I’m new to the bloggin game lemme get some shit outta the way so we can move on to that food I’m grubbin up on. First, I ain’t never been paid by none of these spots to push they shit, on the real everything I say on here is because I feel it. Second, everybody loves food and everybody got an opinion bout it. The shit I write on here is my experience, if you don’t feel the same I ain’t got nothing but love for you playboy. Lastly, I ain’t never gonna talk shit about the service. Listen, muhfuckas get busy, I’m here to talk about the food they slangin not bout the people working hard to get it to me. Aight, I’m done let’s get to talkin bout eating dope as fuck.

18 thoughts on “About

  1. Was a former drug addict. Kicked drugs for good. Food is now my go to for pleasure. Not phat though. I’m
    Skinny but I eat like a big phat phuck!


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