Barrel & Ashes Review – LA’s Chef Centric Take on Classic Texas BBQ

Sup y’all beautiful betches? Yer boy here takin a hot minute to bestow a new culinary discovery upon y’all asses. Now just a couple weeks ago, I’m sittin back straight chillin at Fat Phuck HQ and this crazy ass feelin came over me. I ain’t even knowing how to describe it, but yer boy felt like an East African wildebeest with an instinct to migrate to some new ass feeding grounds. Turns out the feelin was that heavy meat tip hittin me up like a ton a bricks, y’all. The only cure for this shit was gonna be a BBQ feast. After consulting with my connects in the food game, I got schooled bout this spot called Barrel & Ashes in Studio City, CA.

The minute you walk into this mug, you can smell that shit. Brisket, ribs, chicken, sausage, all that gangsta ass BBQ you’d come to expect. The inside of this joint got a homestyle picnic table / patio vibe with a high class rustic twist. You can sit at a private table with you crew, but Barrel & Ashes also has the option to be seated family style next to a group of people you ain’t even met before. It’s like rollin the dice, y’all. By the end of the meal you might be lickin BBQ sauce off you fingers with a fly lil shawty, or end up spitting mad food game with a Fat Phuck like yer boy. With my new homies by my side, we tucked them napkins into our shirts to get ready to smash, ya feelin me?

They got so much gangster shit on the menu at Barrel & Ashes that deciding what to grub up on is the hardest part. First off they got some real fine hand selected craft brews and bourbon based cocktails to get that mood right. This ain’t no domestic beer, or Jack n Coke kinda thing either. We’re talkin fine ass mixology shit and beer selected to pair perfectly with the meat they slangin’ up in here.

The appetizer game in this spot is on point too. Me and ma doods started with a frito pie, some hush puppies, a hoe cake, and a watermelon salad. The frito pie came served in the original frito bag with the front cut out. They pour chili, cheese, sour cream, peppers, and green onions all up in that mug. It’s almost like they were thinkin bout yer boy when they invented this lil slice of heaven. Right bout the time them fritos was finished off, they brought out a hoe cake. This lil sumbetch came out in a cast iron skillet, bubbling and sizzling in straight butter, y’all. It was almost like Paula Deen got her hands on the cornbread and got a lil wild. Them hush puppies and watermelon was on point too.

Now for the reason yer boy rolled up in here in the first place, the MEAT. They got all the smoked baller ass meat a fat dood could ever want at Barrel & Ashes, and I ordered all that shit: Pulled pork, spare ribs, brisket, and two types of sausage (OG and jalapeño cheddar). Ima tell y’all right now everything in this BBQ spot is for real. Them ribs is tender, juicy, and came right on off the bone. The sausage is thick and meaty with the perfect balance of smoke and spice. The jalapeño cheddar version was somethin special for real. By far the dankest thing I put in my mouf all goddamn night was the brisket. I ain’t never had brisket this good before. It was served in thick ass slices with a perfectly black smoky bark on the outside, that signature red smoke ring, and a center so tender and juicy that I’m havin trouble typin this shit right now just thinkin bout it.

Basically all y’all need to know is Barrel & Ashes is the shit. If you looking for a more fine dining chef centric take on classic Texas BBQ, then this is a restaurant to add to your list. Mad respect to ma doods Chefs Timothy Hollingsworth, Rory Hermann, and Michael Kahikina. Y’all true food hustlers for real.

Barrel & Ashes
11801 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604

10 thoughts on “Barrel & Ashes Review – LA’s Chef Centric Take on Classic Texas BBQ

  1. Reblogged this on Glitter Fantasy… and commented:
    When I ! still ate meat, BBQ was about all Texas was good for! 😉
    Now, I’ll get a pint of the sauce and spread it on grilled veggies instead! Portobello mushrooms are an excellent choice since they have a similar texture to meat when grilled.


  2. You have really got it. There are a lot of phony, high-prolife, la-la-I’m-the-shit writers out there, and you are not one of them. You tell it and tell it straight and like all truly great writers never brake frame. Cause you’re for real. Lines like, “we tucked them napkins into our shirts to get ready to smash” are really pleasing to the ears that are listening to your eloquent and tasty feast. Thanks for sharing it all with the world.

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