Preux & Proper Review – Cajun Grub in the Heart of Downtown LA

Sup y’all!? It’s yer boy Fat Phuck again. Today I’m reportin back on Downtown LA grub spot, Preux & Proper. This one for all you playas in the food game who enjoyin that spicy Cajun shit. The spicy tip hit my ass hard this week so I thought some Creole, dirty as fuck, Nawlins food would do me right. So happens my boy Chef Michael Ruiz at Preux & Proper has shit on lock.

Preux & Proper is actually 2 dope ass spots in one. Downstairs you got Preux, an open air daiquiri bar based on that famous French Quarter spot out in New Orleans. Now I ain’t never been to New Orleans or France, but after seein that bar poppin off, I’m finna hit that shit up for real. Them daiquiris were on point, bartenders on point, and they even hooked the whole crew up with comp daquiri shots after we finished up with our dinner. The only thing missing from Preux was them Mardi Gras beads. Upstairs you got Proper, and that’s where I do what I do. The dining room is modeled off the Nawlins Garden District and strikes the perfect balance between classy and casual. This mug would work for date night with yo’ shawty, or getting after some cocktails with the crew. Here’s a hot tip from yer boy: Ask to be seated on the upstairs outdoor balcony. That shit had the dopest vibe in the house, with Downtown Los Angeles streets on both sides, and people walkin by lookin up at you grubbin like a straight baller.

Now all that mess I just mentioned above is cool and all, but if you food ain’t poppin then yer boy is out. I can tell you right here that Preux & Proper is bout it. My doods and I started the night with a round of drinks to get our shit feelin tight. The cocktails are based on classic New Orleans drinks, but Preux & Proper mixes it up a bit using moonshine that’ll get your shit all twisted up if that’s your thing. I tried the Drunken Watermelon and although it was fruity and delicious, that melon moonshine had the kick I was lookin for. The best way grub down at Preux & Proper is to order a nice spread of dishes for you crew, and everybody can share like a nice fat ass family. The first thing outa the kitchen was a couple po boy’s. The lobster po boy was served cold, and coulda been meatier, but the bread was baller so I ain’t even gonna hate. For all you horny muthafuckas out there looking for a lil boost for yo lady, make sure you order the fried oyster po boy. Them oysters was crispy and spicy on the outside, and soft and bomb as fuck on the inside. Next up came the seafood steam pot. This mug had crab, shrimp, mussels, andouille sausage, potato, and corn all served over a steamin hot broth of cajun goodness. The real standout item for me was dem crispy frog legs. I ain’t even gonna pretend to have words for how gangsta these were; you know ya boy loves the hot sauce, but them mugs had enough kick I didn’t even miss my red rooster. My doods also got a round of thick cut fries for the table, but what can I say bout fries? If you in the food game and fuckin up fried potatoes you in the wrong biz.

All I know is if you in Downtown Los Angeles and OK to mix it up with something different, you gotta hit you some Preux & Proper. You get a real taste of the down south dirty ass Cajun goodness with a twist.

Alright y’all. I’m hopin these food posts helping all my peeps out there with finding joints to hit when you wanna eat like a straight G. Get at me and lemme know what you think of Preux & Proper, and check back cause yer boy will be spittin more food game soon.

Preux & Proper
840 S. Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA 90014

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