Bestia Review – Rustic Italian Food Game On Point

Now I been hearin bout Bestia for a hot minute, feel like since the minute they opened this mug, people been ravin about it. I try to stay up on the food game, but for some reason I had been pushin this shit off. I’m regretting pushin this mug off for so long, Imma let the cat outta the bag now; Bestia is on point. Bestia for y’all that ain’t knowin is a rustic Italian joint, sumpin that’s real hot right now in the LA food scene. LA ain’t really known as fine dining spot, but that don’t stop it from attractin some of the best chefs to come out here and hit us with they new flava; Bestia is a perfect example. From the interior of exposed brick and unfinished celling to the staff working in t-shirts like they there to kick it, everything bout this mug says “Chill, we ain’t bout that uptight bullshit.” That ain’t to say they don’t know what they doing, the cocktails were on point and when one of my doods wanted to show off his classy side and get some wine they answered all this muhfuckas questions, telling him what pairs with what and shit. Aight, I’m done talkin about all that other bullshit, let’s get to the food.

My doods and I had three appetizers, a pizza, two pastas and a dessert. Everythang was on point, the pastas were the way pastas are supposed to be, Naples style pizza was perfect and them donuts; yer boy could go on a minute bout them donuts. The real fucking stand out though was one of the appetizers, I’m givin that muhfucka it’s own paragraph.

Chicken Liver Crostino:

Yer boy ain’t usually a fan of liver, but I been hearin bout how bomb this shit is for a minute. And muhfucka, they right. The shit that usually gets me bout liver is the texture, just nasty. I ain’t even know what them boys in the back did to them chicken livers, but it made yer boy a believer. Meaty and full of flavor, goddamn shit had me doubting everything I knew. If you get a chance to check this place def hit it up. And get back to yer boy and lemme know how you felt bout Bestia.

2121 7th Place
Los Angeles, CA 90021

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